Extra-curricular activities

The English Montessori school offers a variety of activities once/twice a week after school. The following take place, although if there is demand from parents for a particular activity the school will provide it.

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Infant Department

Ballet, Judo, Pre-Tennis and Chinese.

Junior Department

Ballet, Football, Basketball, Judo, Art, Catechism, Drama and Chinese.

Senior Department

Judo, Art, Drama, Maths and Chinese.

All the activities are taught by long standing professionals and at the end of the school year performances are put on for parents to view the skills the pupils have learned throughout the year.

Annual Visits

Ski Trip

Top junior and senior pupils can go on a week long ski trip during mid-term of the second term. They are accompanied by teachers from the school. Pupils are accompanied on the slopes at all times by ski monitors, not only during the ski lessons. After ski activities are organised every day to make the pupils stay as enjoyable as possible.

Camping Trip

Pupils in the senior department go on a three day camping trip accompanied by teachers to an area in the nearby mountains. Pupils follow an outdoor programme of games, walks along designated paths and a little astronomy.

London Trip

Pupils from Year 8 go to London for five days in February. They have the chance to spend a morning visiting Meoncross School, visit the city of London and Harry Potter Studios.

Mar Menor

The pupils in Year 9 spend five days at a water sports centre.


The pupils in Year 10 spend three days at a nature centre near Navarredonda in Gredos where they follow a programme led by an English speaking biologist. Some of the activities the pupils take part in are river studies, ecosystems, rocks, lichenes and food chains.

Complementary Activities

From year 4 onwards the school takes part interschools competitions:- football, volleyball, basketball, cross-country and athletics meeting.

Years 11 and 12 take part in a Sport Leadership programme and are awarded with a certificate at the end of the course

The Infant and Junior departments organize ‘activity days’ based on general themes several times a year. On these activity days pupils have an opportunity to work with pupils from other classes and teachers from the department.

Cultural Visits

Pupils are tasken on visits to museums, factories, local towns, the zoo, castles, monuments, the theatre, the planetarium and other areas of interest which are linked to the programmes they are studying.