Infants – Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Our students’ first few years in Discovery House are the Reception and Nursery years.

This is a vital stage for the student’s learning and development. Therefore, we not only cover the basic needs of the children, such as their entertainment and care, we also introduce the principles of school learning through highly qualified teachers.

“We combine the British curriculum with the Montessori system and materials, developing social, emotional and personal skills.”

Applying the Montessori philosophy during the Early Years has a major impact on the child’s education. In TEMS, the Montessori school in Aravaca, we encourage students to be self-taught and independent learners, by giving them time to focus and make decisions.

The areas that we develop during this phase include:

Our teaching methods follow certain set guidelines to ensure that students achieve the best possible results by respecting the progress and development of each student, using new materials when we observe that they are ready to acquire such knowledge, giving them all freedom of movement, flexibility, ability and communication skills for public speaking.

Additionally, they receive this stage of their education in a new building that was built in 2018, Discovery House, which is tailored to all of their needs, providing them with excellent external and internal tools to develop skills and knowledge.

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