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Welcome to Discovery House: early learning redefined

Welcome to Discovery House, the heart of early learning at The English Montessori School.

We transform education into an exciting journey of discovery, blending the British curriculum with the renowned Montessori philosophy. At Discovery House, we go beyond the basics, ensuring your child's early years are filled with joy, purposeful play, and a solid foundation for lifelong learning. 

Where curiosity blossoms

Experience our environment that sparks a lifelong love for learning.

Discovering Excellence

Holistic development with Montessori philosophy and personalised attention at Discovery House.

Holistic development
with Montessori Philosophy

At Discovery House, we believe in nurturing the whole child.

Our approach combines the British curriculum with the Montessori philosophy, focusing on fostering independence and self-discovery.

Through age-appropriate materials and guided exploration, we build phonics and fine motor skills, promote social and emotional growth, and encourage early immersion in English.

This holistic approach lays the groundwork for confident learners, as we embrace the principles of the Montessori system, allowing children to be self-taught and independent learners. 

Personalised Attention
and Educational Excellence

Where personalised attention meets educational innovation.

In our multilevel classes led by qualified teachers, each student receives personalised tasks tailored to their unique strengths and growth areas.

Benefit from 40 years of educational expertise, where resources cover fundamental areas of children's education.

Our innovative teaching methods, inspired by the Montessori philosophy, respect individual progress, offering freedom of movement and developing effective communication skills. 

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step into Discovery House, our purpose-built facility since 2018. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources, it provides an optimal learning environment. We believe that the right surroundings enhance skill development and knowledge acquisition, setting the stage for a transformative educational journey where every child can thrive and succeed.

The attention that children and parents receive in terms of safeguarding shows care for us, and I also appreciate the education my son is receiving and the fact that he is happy at school.

– Parent, The English Montessori School (TEMS)

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Explore our vibrant classrooms, meet our dedicated teachers, and experience the nurturing space we've created for your child's learning experience.

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Discover the enriching educational journey that awaits your child across the various stages at The English Montessori School (TEMS).


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