Welcome to the English Montessori School (TEMS)

We are a vibrant British private school based in Madrid, offering a tailor-made, holistic education for boys and girls, aged 3 to 17.

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“One thing I must undoubtedly highlight is the pride that our students evoke each year through their exam results, achieving world-class outcomes that equip them for success in the professional world.

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Why Choose TEMS?

TEMS is a unique British Curriculum School rooted in the Montessori Philosophy in Early Years, enriching its educational offer through Primary and Secondary, culminating in a dual pathway in Sixth Form: British A-Levels or Spanish Bachillerato

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Our methodology

Our methodology, with its roots in the Montessori Philosophy in Early Years, is based on a unique educational offer underpinned by a strong focus on developing independence that focuses on the ability of each student to choose their academic pathway with confidence.

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Students ownerships

Our student have the chance to obtain a double certification in Secondary: IGCSE (from the British system) and ESO (from the Spanish system); and leading to the option to study A levels or Bachillerato Nacional.

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Outstanding Results

The combination of a character education with the highest of academic expectations allows pupils to leave us with extremely high grades in either IGCSE, A levels or the EVAU. This in its turn enables them to access their chosen university, wherever in the world that might be.

Our values

Our central values (caring, confident and independent) fit alongside and complement the Montessori philosophy, which develops autonomy, self-regulation and responsibility in pupils.


Promote a caring community, where respect for each other and the environment is tangible.


Develop our student’s self-confidence through practical life skills with the aim of equipping them to face a rapidly changing future.


Encourage our students to be independent thinkers who feel confident enough to make mistakes and learn from them.

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Discovery House

A new and unique infant school that integrates outdoor and indoor spaces, direct contact with nature and eco-friendly furniture.

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