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Directions & Area

Getting to TEMS: Directions and Transportation

Whether you're new to the area or an international resident settling in, we offer insights into surrounding areas of TEMS. Explore not just the best paths to TEMS but also discover the neighborhood's amenities, and practical considerations. Your journey to TEMS is a blend of convenience and exploration!

Discover the convenient ways to reach The English Montessori School in Aravaca, ensuring a smooth journey for students and families.

From Madrid on A-6:

Take Exit 10A.

Via M-500 from Madrid:

Take Exit 23 towards A-6, direction A Coruña

On M-30 from Madrid:

Take Exit 1B towards A-6, direction A Coruña. Then, take Exit 10A.

Directions towards Madrid on A – 6:

Take Exit 10A

Bus 161 from Moncloa:

Get off at La Salle - Blanca De Castilla.

Bus 162 from Moncloa:

Disembark at Blanca De Castilla - Camino De La Zarzuela.

Bus 657:

Stop at La Salle-El Aúriga.

For bus commuters, use Bus 161 from Moncloa to La Salle - Blanca De Castilla, Bus 162 to Blanca De Castilla - Camino De La Zarzuela, or Bus 657 to La Salle-El Aúriga.

Train Lines C-7 or C-10:

Travel in the direction of Las Rozas or Villalba.

Bus Connection (Line 161):

Disembark at La Salle - Blanca De Castilla.

For those arriving by train, take Line C-7 or C-10 towards Las Rozas or Villalba. Then, catch Bus 161 at La Salle - Blanca De Castilla stop.

What's around TEMS in Aravaca:

The English Montessori School – British Montessori School in Madrid

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