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Trilingual Education

Empowering minds through Language immersion

Nurturing multilingual minds, bridging cultures, and shaping global leaders.

Our commitment to language goes beyond mere fluency; we instil a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and languages while preparing our students for success in a global society.

Explore trilingual excellence

Discover how our unique English, Spanish, and French language programmes create a global education experience.

Unlock linguistic horizons

TEMS’ commitment to English immersion, Spanish enrichment, and French as a third language.


English Immersion

TEMS is dedicated to providing an immersive English language environment from early years. Our students learn, think, and communicate in English daily, ensuring they not only speak the language but also think and dream in it. This English immersion sets the stage for linguistic excellence and global readiness.

Spanish Enrichment

We follow the British National Curriculum while also meeting the requirements of the Spanish Ministry of Education. Therefore, some subjects are taught in Spanish through the Curriculum. TEMS also offers the Spanish Baccalaureate, equipping students with the skills and knowledge to excel in both national and international academic contexts.

French as third Language

In our pursuit of linguistic diversity, we introduce French as a third language from Year 6 onwards. This addition further broadens our students' linguistic capabilities and cultural horizons. We believe in the power of languages to connect, inspire, and bridge cultures.
A trilingual education has shaped my child into a global thinker with a love for diverse cultures. It's not just an education; it's a journey of discovery.

– Parent, The English Montessori School (TEMS)

Global proficiency

Our students excel with international language examinations and embrace a world of opportunities.

International Examinations

TEMS students have the opportunity to earn prestigious language qualifications, including Cambridge English exams and the Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) for French. These certifications not only attest to their linguistic prowess but also open doors to international opportunities.

A Global Perspective

Linguistic proficiency is a cornerstone of our mission to nurture caring, confident, and independent individuals. It empowers our students to communicate effectively, build relationships across cultures, and engage in a rapidly evolving world with confidence and grace.

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