Seniors – Year 7 to Year 11

“At the end of this stage, the students sit the official IGCSE exams. These exams are prepared with a view to developing essential educational skills, most notably verbal expression, problem solving, teamwork and research.”

The aim of the Secondary Department is to educate our students in line with the Montessori philosophy and methodology.

Years 7 to 11 follow the British National Curriculum and the Spanish Ministry of Education’s Language and Social Science requirements. The individual subjects are taught by specialist teachers.

English is a vital way of communicating in school, in public life and across the world. The students at this British school in Madrid learn to become enthusiastic and critical readers of prose fiction, poetry and drama, as well as reading articles in the media and non-fiction books. They are also encouraged to experiment with a wide range of writing formats.

Using these skills, students can choose and adapt what they say and/or write in different situations, both in and out of school.

Mathematics consists of the four main areas: arithmetic, algebra, data handling, and shape and space. Using logic and problem solving are inherently part of mathematics.

The Science Department encourages students to develop enquiring minds and critical thinking, to acquire the skills and knowledge to make intelligent decisions in our ever-changing technological world.

In History, students learn about a variety of topics, ranging from Medieval England to the fall of the Berlin Wall. They learn to gather information by using different media and interpreting sources of information.

Geography combines social sciences (human geography) with natural sciences (physical geography). Students study landscapes, populations, places and the environment.

In ICT (Information and Communications Technology), students develop and consolidate their knowledge and skills through activities such as developing control models and web sites and creating public information systems.

In Art, pupils are given a solid basis in drawing and painting methods and then they progress to more creative aspects of painting, sculpture, pottery, collage and mixed media projects.

The main aim in the PE Department is to introduce the children to a variety of sports in various learning environments. This allows them to gain the interest, knowledge, skills and motivation they need to engage in lifelong physical activity.

Our pupils study French as a foreign language through full immersion with native teachers.

Music is taught in years 7 and 8. The students study music theory and notation. They are encouraged to apply this knowledge practically and critically, by evaluating various types of music.