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Montessori Philosophy

Discover personalised learning through a Montessori Education

The Montessori Education is essential for students to leave school with the skills they need to succeed at University and in the world of work.

Through the choices we offer every child has a clear route towards becoming a confident , caring and independent young person who is ´ready for life´.

Montessori Curriculum


Applying the Montessori philosophy during the Early Years has a major impact on the child’s education.

In TEMS we encourage students to be self-taught and independent learners, by giving them time to focus and make decisions.

The areas that we develop during this phase include:

Year 3-13

In Juniors and Seniors, students will enjoy vertical teaching for 45 minutes each day, as well as on Wednesday afternoons.

The following year groups will be working together:

Vertical Tutor groups the Montessori Way

Morning tutor time sets a positive routine for students, creating a structured start to the day. In the same vertical groups as above, students have a different activity every morning including:


Debates and ideas from Oxplore, the engaging resource from the University of Oxford.

Student newsletter

The Communication Explorers provide a weekly bulletin with essential updates for the school community.


School assemblies are crucial for fostering a sense of community, promoting shared values, and contributing to a positive and unified school culture.


Dedicated reading time is an opportunity to read, and to discuss reading with students and teachers. Fostering and maintaining a joy for reading is a critical part of each child´s education.

Why have vertical groups at The English Montessori School?

Peer Learning and Mentorship

Vertical teaching allows older students to become mentors, helping younger peers navigate the learning environment. This fosters a sense of responsibility and leadership among older students while providing younger ones with guidance and support.

Social Collaboration

Mixed-age classrooms encourage social interaction among children of different ages, promoting a sense of community and collaboration. Students learn to work together, share experiences, and develop social skills in a diverse group setting.

Individualised Learning

Montessori education emphasizes individualized learning paths. In a vertical setting, older students can receive more advanced materials and challenges, while younger students benefit from observing and learning from their peers.

Continuous Progression

Students can stay within the same classroom for multiple years, allowing for continuous progression in their learning journey. This continuity helps to build strong relationships between students and teachers, creating a supportive and familiar learning environment.


In a vertical setting, students often set their own pace for learning, fostering self-motivation and a love for learning. Older students serve as role models, showcasing the enthusiasm and curiosity that can be maintained throughout one's educational journey.

Sense of Community

The mixed-age setting promotes a sense of community and family within the classroom. Students develop a strong bond with their classmates, creating a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

Reduced Competition

Vertical teaching minimizes direct competition among students. Instead of comparing themselves solely to same-age peers, students focus on their individual growth and development, fostering a positive and cooperative atmosphere.

Life Skills Development

Interacting with peers of different ages helps children develop important life skills such as empathy, patience, and communication. Older students often take on responsibilities, contributing to the overall functioning of the classroom community.

Smooth Transitions

As students progress to the next age group within the same classroom, transitions become smoother and less disruptive. This continuity supports a sense of security and familiarity for the children.

Holistic Development

The vertical teaching approach aligns with Montessori principles of holistic development, addressing not just academic but also social, emotional, and practical aspects of a child's growth within a supportive and inclusive community.

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