Juniors – Year 3 to Year 6

“Students are responsible, independent, active and respectful. They develop socially through teamwork.”

Juniors covers Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. One special feature of the study plan is the way it is divided into topics, which are used to teach different areas of the British curriculum that are linked to the areas of knowledge that are taught such as music, drama, art, history and sciences.

All subjects are taught in English, except for Spanish Language and Ciencias Sociales. However, the Montessori philosophy remains an integral part of the Primary programme. Students are encouraged to learn through experience and become curious, analytical thinkers.

The aims are: to develop their autonomy, independence and self-confidence, as well as self-esteem and respect for others. Each group has a class tutor, whose role is to teach subjects in English and to provide opportunities for students to develop socially and cooperatively. For this purpose, teamwork is encouraged in most subjects. This group work also facilitates the differentiation of tasks and materials to provide the appropriate level of stimulus for all learners.

The students are encouraged to be active learners and develop their thinking skills. Although we follow the objectives of the British National Curriculum, the needs of non-English speakers are also addressed through specially tailored materials that focus on grammar development and improving their vocabulary.

This is a more creative and engaging approach that allows us to adapt the national curriculum to the specific characteristics and needs of our students.