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English Camps at TEMS

Learning adventures all year round!

Discover the excitement of our English Camps at The English Montessori School.

Immerse your child in an engaging and educational experience during mid-term breaks, including Halloween and Easter, as well as our enriching Summer Camp.

Our camps are designed to foster language development and creativity, all while having a blast in an English-speaking environment.

Mid-Term Camps

Discover the magic of our Mid-Term Camps, offering seasonal adventures for continuous language exploration

Immersive Exploration

Our Mid-Term Camps offer more than just a break from routine – they're a chance for your child to dive into themed learning explorations. From interactive lessons to hands-on projects, each camp introduces a new theme designed to spark curiosity and foster language development.

Creative Language Activities

Discover the joy of learning through creative language activities. Our themed camps go beyond traditional lessons, incorporating games, crafts, and projects that align with the chosen theme. This approach ensures that language immersion becomes an exciting and imaginative experience.

Unforgettable Experiences

At TEMS, our commitment to providing an unforgettable experience extends to our Mid-Term Camps. Regardless of the theme, each camp promises a blend of educational engagement, fun, and social interaction, contributing to your child's holistic development.

English Summer Camps

Join TEMS during the Summer for 4 or 5 weeks of English immersion & adventure

Our Summer Camp offers an extended adventure of 4 or 5 weeks, combining English language immersion with a variety of engaging activities.

Each week unveils a new theme, capturing the imagination of our campers. From outdoor games to hands-on projects, Summer Camp at TEMS promises an unforgettable season of growth, friendship, and English immersion under the warm summer sun.

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Discover the enriching educational journey that awaits your child across the various stages at The English Montessori School (TEMS).


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