Baccalaureate – Sixth Form Years 1 and 2

“We offer Baccalaureates in Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as the option of preparing for a selection of A Levels, the British curriculum’s external examination”.

We are proud of the many great successes of the students of the Montessori School at home and abroad. We offer Spanish education in a global context. Personalised, monitored and tailored to the needs of our students, our education will guarantee their professional future. They will have acquired lifelong learning habits based on the IAS core values (independence, autonomy and self-confidence), with a leadership focus.

Our students achieved among the top hundred results in the entrance exams (Selectividad/PAU) for Complutense University.

In 2016, one of our students achieved the top result in the PAU (entrance test) for Complutense University and also obtained the Award for Excellence in the Baccalaureate, an award that is received after passing a specific exam that is extremely difficult.

In 2017-2018, our students excelled nationally by achieving an average CAU (university admission score) of 8.84 out of 10. Moreover, 72.22% of them achieved grades of 12 or above (out of 14). Thanks to these results, four students have been nominated for the Complutense University’s award for the top hundred grades and TEMS has received an Honourable Mention from that University for its outstanding teaching. 

We have also achieved success globally.

One student received an award from Cambridge University for being the world’s top student with the highest level of Spanish (A LEVEL) in 2018; and another two students received national awards for the AS LEVEL Spanish test.

We introduce students to professional and university life through professional seminars, tours of universities and instructional talks.

In 2010, the school broadened the English part of the Programme. In addition to preparation for the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in Year 13, the following aspects were also included:

This programme facilitates and improves one of our main goals during this stage of education: for our students to successfully complete their studies in whichever language they have studied; providing them with a wide range of universities to choose from across the world.

With this programme, we set every student of the Montessori School on their path towards the future and achieving their goals. We provide international language preparation: official exams from Cambridge University and the French Institute (DELF). Furthermore, Spanish qualifications (Baccalaureate and University Admission Assessment Test) aid their applications for the top British and US universities.