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Montessori Humanistic Explorers

Creating leaders of tomorrow 

Empowering students to shape a visionary future.

The Humanistic Explorers Programme is a philosophy that shapes leaders of tomorrow, fostering a spirit of inquiry, responsibility, and a deep understanding of one's role in a global society.

Maria Montessori's profound vision for older students was to mold them into "humanistic explorers."

In her eyes, this concept transcended traditional education, instilling a passion for lifelong learning, nurturing a sense of social responsibility, and empowering students to navigate our interconnected world with compassion and purpose.

Holistic Explorers encourage students to become: 

Humanistic Explorers Programme

Our unique student leadership structure enables each child to gain experience in one of our five leadership strands to work towards Maria Montessori´s vision for everyone become a Humanistic Explorer.

The Five Strands of Humanistic Explorers:

Empowering tomorrow's leaders

From Junior Explorers in Years 1-4 to Lead Explorers in Year 13, every student has a voice and a role within this empowering initiative, shaping the school community and fostering a culture of collaboration and innovation.


Junior and Senior Explorers

Years 1-4 have the opportunity to become Junior Explorers, while Years 5-12 can nominate themselves to become Senior Explorers. Each class has a representative for each of the five strands. Year 13 students have the chance to run for Lead Explorer or Deputy Lead Explorer, taking charge of one of the strands. 

Student Voice Meetings

Deputy Lead Explorers lead monthly student voice meetings with Junior and Senior Explorers to explore their ideas within each strand. Regular meetings with Head and Deputy Head Explorers ensure effective communication and collaboration, with outcomes shared regularly with our dedicated staff. 

Promote Participation

Each strand within the Humanistic Explorers Program provides a platform for students to be heard and actively contribute to various aspects of school life. Over time, we will meticulously track participation, ensuring that every student gets a chance to actively contribute to one of the five strands. Parents are encouraged to support their children in contemplating which strand aligns with their interests and passions. 

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