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British Curriculum

British Curriculum and Montessori Philosophy 

Education as a journey of boundless exploration.

We stand as a unique British Curriculum School deeply rooted in the Montessori Philosophy. This distinctive approach begins in Early Years, where the foundations are laid, and extends seamlessly through Primary and Secondary education. The journey culminates in a dual pathway in Sixth Form, offering students the choice between British A-Levels or Spanish Bachillerato. 

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British Curriculum with Montessori Principles

Creating a dynamic pathway for exploration and growth, nurturing independence, fostering student ownership, and instilling character and excellence for a holistic and exceptional learning experience.

A transformative experience

This unique blend of British Curriculum with Montessori principles creates an educational environment where lessons are transformative experiences that ignite curiosity and foster a profound love for learning.

Nurturing independence

Our methodology, inspired by the Montessori Philosophy in Early Years, shapes a distinctive educational offer. Focused on developing independence, it empowers each student to confidently choose their academic pathway.

Students ownership

TEMS students have the opportunity to obtain a double certification in Secondary: IGCSE from the British system and ESO from the Spanish system. This paves the way for further choices in Sixth Form, allowing students to opt for A levels or Bachillerato Nacional.

Character and excellence

The fusion of character education with the highest academic expectations sets the stage for outstanding results at TEMS. Pupils leave with exceptional grades in IGCSE, A levels, or the EVAU, enabling them to access their chosen university anywhere in the world.

The curriculum offered at TEMS nurtures not just academic excellence but also a genuine love for learning. It's an educational experience that shapes confident, curious, and well-rounded individuals.

– Parent, The English Montessori School (TEMS)

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