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Getting to and from school, safely and comfortably

We offer a reliable school transport service that cover different areas of Madrid with professional drivers and monitors and a well-maintained fleet of vehicles to bring students safely and promptly to and from school. The routes are designed based on the students who require this service and are planned individually.

For children, the journey to and from school on the school bus is an opportunity to socialise and make friends from different classes or ages. For parents, it’s less time-consuming and helps decrease the additional traffic and pollution around the school grounds.

Real-time tracking platform

At TEMS we use a system that guarantees safety and peace of mind during school routes. This new method has been implemented through an App specialised in school transport management: BatOnRoute.

The App provides additional security and very useful real-time information on the route, both for the school and for you as families.

Some benefits our families have:
  • Receive notifications that the bus is close to its stop.

  • Delay on the route with notification of the reason.

  • Possibility of sending notifications of absence from school and change of route.

  • Assurance that your child gets on the bus and arrives at school

The school will also have very useful information in real time:
  • Real-time information on the number of stops on each route and arrival at the school.

  • Students on each bus in real time.

  • Easy management of changes of students on route.

  • Notification of delays on route in an easy and simple way.

  • Punctuality

Route 1 - Outbound Journey

Route 1 - Return Journey

Route 2 - Outbound Journey

Route 2 - Return Journey

Route 3 - Outbound Journey

Route 3 - Return Journey

Route 4 - Outbound Journey

Route 4 - Return Journey

Route 5 - Outbound Journey

Route 5 - Return Journey

Route 6 - Outbound Journey

Route 6 - Return Journey

Route 7 - Outbound Journey

Route 7 - Return Journey

All our bus routes are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of our students; therefore, these maps may be subject to changes. For any inquiries, please contact our operations team: 

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