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International Recognition

Fostering global connections, shaping futures together

At TEMS, our commitment to providing exceptional education has been internationally recognised through our affiliations with esteemed organizations.

These partnerships signify our dedication to delivering a world-class educational experience. 

Why Choose an Internationally
recognised School?


Global Perspective

Our affiliations enrich the learning experience, providing a global perspective that prepares students for an interconnected world. 

Quality Assurance

International recognition ensures that our educational programs meet and exceed established standards, assuring quality and excellence. 

Diverse Opportunities

Through our partnerships, students have access to a range of opportunities, from prestigious awards to globally recognised qualifications. 

NABSS (National Association of British Schools in Spain) 

As a proud member of NABSS, we align with the highest standards of British education in Spain.

This affiliation ensures that our students receive an education that meets rigorous international benchmarks, fostering a global perspective.

Duke of Edinburgh International Award 

We take pride in our association with the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, a program that empowers our students to develop essential life skills and attributes.

This recognition reflects our commitment to holistic education and the personal development of our students. 

CICAE (Confederation of Spanish Educational Centers Abroad) 

Our membership in CICAE underscores our dedication to maintaining excellence in international education.

CICAE brings together institutions committed to providing quality education, fostering collaboration, and promoting best practices in the field. 

ACADE (Spanish Association of Private Schools) 

Being a member of ACADE further solidifies our standing within the Spanish educational landscape.

This association represents our commitment to upholding high educational standards, contributing to the advancement of private education in Spain. 

Cambridge Institutional Examinations 

Our collaboration with Cambridge Institutional Examinations attests to our commitment to academic excellence.

This partnership allows us to offer internationally recognized qualifications, preparing our students for a future of academic success on a global scale. 

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