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A Levels & Spanish Baccalaureate

Shaping futures, achieving excellence

Education extends beyond grades; it shapes futures, fosters excellence, and readies students for a boundless world of potential.

In the Sixth Form stage at TEMS, students opt for either A Levels or the Spanish Baccalaureate in Sciences, Humanities, or Social Sciences.

Our exceptional results propel students to top universities globally, reflecting our commitment to excellence and personalised education. 

Experience the future of education

Discover the pathway to academic excellence and personal growth.

A Levels and Spanish Baccalaureate

Charting academic excellence at TEMS.

A Levels

Dive into the highly personalised British Curriculum, where A Levels pave the way for university entry.

With a minimum of four subjects, including Spanish, students delve into specialized studies like Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, and more.

TEMS A Level graduates boast remarkable success, earning accolades globally.

In 2022 results, we achieved a world class result with one student receiving an incredible 5 A Levels at A* (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Spanish), plus an EPQ A* and the highest grade possible of A in AS Further Maths. 

Spanish Baccalaureate

TEMS empowers students for careers or higher education through our robust Spanish Baccalaureate programme.

With a focus on Sciences, Humanities, or Social Sciences, this program integrates English language development, preparing students for global opportunities and university choices.

Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in TEMS' consistent ranking among the highest scores in the EvAU within the Comunidad de Madrid, showcasing the effectiveness and impact of our educational approach.

Career Guidance

Our dedicated tutors guide students through university and career choices.

We assist in applications, references, and personal statements, ensuring a seamless transition.

Pupils explore diverse pathways through the British University Fair, visits to Spanish Universities, professional talks, and practical work experiences.

Language mastery and international preparation

TEMS goes beyond traditional education.

A.S. and A Level English language courses, DELF exams in French, and support classes in Spanish and Mathematics enhance language proficiency.

Official exams from Cambridge University and the French Institute (DELF) solidify international language credentials, aiding applications to top British and US universities. 

In the Sixth Form at TEMS, education is not just about grades; it’s about crafting futures, fostering excellence, and preparing students for a world where their potential knows no bounds.

– Jonathan Gunzi, Headteacher, The English Montessori School (TEMS)

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