Fact Sheet

Key Information about TEMS




  • Sarah Ebery – Headmistress
  • Neil Yeo – Deputy Head
  • Beatriz Mera – Head of Spanish Studies
  • Leah Herring – Head of Secondary
  • Kathryn Slack – Head of A Levels
  • Cynthia Davies – Head of Juniors
  • Abigail Kay – Head of Infants
  • Jorge Nieto – Business Manager


English National Curriculum complemented by Spanish Curriculum
(please see programme of study for further details)

Educational Aims and Goals

In addition to the high academic standards set by the school, students are expected to grow socially competent, emotionally sound, physically fit and ethically honest. The curriculum, plus the extra-curricular programme provides for growth in all of these areas.

Age Range

Three to Eighteen

Number of students


Class size

Maximum 25

Number of teachers/assistants


Student/teacher ratio


Languages of instruction

English and Spanish

Additional language


Student Health and Welfare

There are medical and psychological facilities to serve the students´ needs. The school serves a full hot lunch and provides “cafeteria services” for students who wish to bring their own lunch.

  • Natalia Guijarro – School Psychologist
  • Laura Bello – School Nurse


Uniforms are required for all students up to Year 11 and can be purchased at www.uniformesdecolegio.com. Year 12 and 13 students are not required to wear the school uniform.


A one-time inscription fee is required upon registration. The tuition fees may be paid for in a one time payment (annual) or in 10 monthly payments from September to June.


Admission occurs after completion of an application form, and (children enrolling in Year One or higher) providing academic records for two years, a personal interview, and , if deemed appropriate by the headmistress, successful completion of an entrance exam. A level of English language knowledge is required for entrance from Year One onwards.


  • N.A.B.S.S. (National Association of British Schools in Spain)
  • A.C.A.D.E (Asociación de Centros Autonomos de Enseñanza en España)
  • I.P.M.A. (International Progressive Montessori Association)