TEMS Alumni

Welcome to the TEMS Alumni Network!

We truly believe that your school days were some of the best days of your life and we are keen to hear about where you are now and what you have been doing in the last fifty, twenty, or just two years!

Through TEMS Alumni, we seek to keep in touch with graduated students by promoting interaction and support once your school days are over. TEMS Alumni offers the possibility to remain part of the school community, through activities that will benefit our graduates’ continuous development as highly qualified professionals.

How do I become a member?

As a The English Montessori School graduate, you already form part of this network! However, so that we can keep in contact and target our activities better, we would just like you to fill in this form with some personal details which will support our planning of the annual Programme.

Your participation is important to the success of our TEMS Alumni Network. We look forward to hearing from you!

Who is in charge?

Ms Almudena Gómez, our Bachillerato Teacher, is the TEMS Alumni Champion. She leads the group and coordinates all the activities between the Alumni community and the school. Ms Gómez is your first point of contact and you can address any questions, suggestions and ideas to her at alumni@tems.es.

What is TEMS Alumni for?

TEMS Alumni is the meeting point for students with a common past to share memories and achievements, make social & professional contacts, and discover work and learning opportunities.

How many TEMS alumni study in your current University? And how many of them work in the same industry as yours? 

TEMS Alumni is an excellent way of getting in touch with other professionals who really know and appreciate the added value our students can offer.


Launch Event | 21st June 2019

Come to our first TEMS Alumni Event on Friday, 21st June 2019, from 8 to 10 pm

This first event of our Hastings Alumni Programme will take place at Discovery House and all our graduates are encouraged to attend!

This will be a fantastic opportunity to update you with the exciting developments of the school since you left and to connect you with old friends and old teachers alike.

During the event, we will enjoy some good music, food and drinks, and speeches from some former students who will share their memories with us.

If you would like to attend, please make sure you confirm your attendance by 14th June 2019 through our registration formAnd feel free to encourage old classmates, the ones you are still in contact with, to do the same!


Can’t wait for the day?

Then why don’t you send us some pictures of those happy school days to alumni@tems.es? We are preparing a presentation for our event and would love to share some of them on our social media as well. It will be great fun to see what we all looked like back in those good old days!

Your participation is important to the success of our TEMS Alumni Programme. We look forward to seeing you soon!