TEMS international British school has an outstanding team of teachers who teach subjects from the Spanish and British curricula, with expertise in the Montessori method and the British education system.

Our School Heads


Sarah Ebery

Sarah Ebery joins TEMS as its new Head in September 2018, having transferred from another Cognita school in England which she led successfully for four years. This international move is the culmina...
Directora de Bachillerato

Beatriz Mera

Soy licenciada en Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales por la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (CUNEF), y he ejercido la docencia desde mi incorporación como profesora...
Head of A Levels

Kathryn Slack

It has been exciting to become Head of Sixth form this year after playing an integral role in setting up our first ever cohort of A level pupils at TEMS...
Head of Junior Department

Cynthia Davies

I first joined TEMS way back in 1995, as a Year 5 teacher. One of the things that struck me most in my first year was the friendly, cooperative environment throughout ...
Head of Infants

Abigail Kay

After teaching for five years in my home town of Leeds in Yorkshire, England, I came to Madrid to seek new challenges and experiences. I joined The English Montessori School and taught my first yea...