Infant Department

Infant Department Aims

To ensure a smooth transition into Year 1, teaching and learning at the beginning of the year is designed to reflectthe practice of Foundation Stage and continue to build upon and reinforce the social, personal and emotionalskills developed throughout Nursery and Reception. As the year progresses learning becomes more structured inorder to achieve British National Curriculum objectives and prepare the children for Year 2 where learning is more formal. Despite the more structured teaching styles in Years 1 and 2, both year groups’ classrooms are organised into thematic areas of learning: reading, writing, mathematics, topic, art and Spanish. These ensure that children access resources independently and are able to ‘think for themselves’. Montessori education and The British National Curriculum share and reinforce the same common attitudes, skills and concepts in many ways. In both year groups and in all subjects, children are encouraged to be inquisitive, analytical thinkers who are tolerant of the opinions of others. The department’s determination is to give children a well-rounded education that underpins our commitment to provide a school experience that enables every child to build on their self confidence, become independent learners and, most importantly, enjoy and achieve.