Spanish and English Bachillerato

The English Montessori School began offering Bachillerato (equivalent to Year 12 and 13 levels) in 1998-99 following the Spanish Bachillerato Unificado Polivalente (BUP) programme, and from the year 2000-2001, following the Spanish Bachillerato LOGSE programme. From then onwards, every year our pupils’ Selectividad examination results have ranked among the highest obtained within the group of approximately 200 schools sitting these official exams at Universidad Complutense, including a third place in the ranking in 2008. Given the fact that our pupils only follow the complete Spanish programme during these last two years of their education, such results are highly commendable.

TEMS offers two Bachillerato options:


Bachillerato de Ciencias y Tecnología

(Science and Technology)


Bachillerato de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales

(Humanities and Social Sciences)

In 2010 the school broadened the English part of the programme. In addition to preparation for the Certificate in Advanced English exam and Certificate of Proficiency in English at Year 13, the following was also implemented:

  • Year 12 pupils study English Language at A.S. (Advanced Supplementary) level;
  • Year 13 pupils continue with an A-Level in the same subject;
  • Physical Education is taught in English;
  • Information and Comunications Technology is taught in English;
  • French, pupils follow an A.S. level cours and/or sit the DELF exams (Diplôme d’études de langue Française – level 3 in Year 12, and level 4 in Year 13);
  • Support classes (in the Spanish subjects of matemáticas and lengua etc.) are scheduled for both Years 12 and 13 within the school day.

This programme facilitates and enhances one of our main objectives at this educational stage, that our pupils successfully go on to further education in whichever of the languages they have studied, which leaves them a world-wide choice of universities.