Spanish Bachillerato

The Spanish Baccalaureate (upper secondary education)aims to provide students with the training, intellectual and personal maturity, and knowledge and skills they need to develop social functions and play a competitive and responsible role in the world of work, as well as gain access to higher education. All students that have successfully completed secondary education in Spain (ESO), as well as those that have studied in another country and have validated their qualifications, can take the Baccalaureate.

At TEMS we offer two different types of Baccalaureate: Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences.

In 2010, the school broadened the English part of the Programme. In addition to preparation for the Certificate in Advanced English (CAE) and Certificate of Proficiency in Year 13, the following aspects were also included:

Students in the first year of Sixth Form (Year 12) study English Language at A.S. level (Advanced Supplementary level).

Students in the second year of Sixth Form (Year 13) continue with an A Level in the same subject.

Physical Education is taught in English.

In French, students follow an A.S. level course and/or sit the DELF exams (Diplôme d’études de langue Française). Level 3 in the first year of Sixth Form (Year 12) and level 4 in the second year of Sixth form (Year 13).

Support classes have been included in the school day for the subjects that are taught in Spanish – Mathematics and Spanish Language – for the first and second years of Sixth Form (Years 12 and 13).

This programme facilitates and improves one of our main goals during this stage of education: for our students to successfully complete their studies in whichever language they have studied; providing them with a wide range of universities to choose from across the world.

With this programme, we set every student of the Montessori School on their path towards the future and achieving their goals. We provide international language preparation: official exams from Cambridge University and the French Institute (DELF). Furthermore, Spanish qualifications (Baccalaureate and University Admission Assessment Test) aid their applications for the top British and US universities.