Summer Camp

29th June – 31st July

Each week we will explore a different theme full of fun activities which will be adapted to each age group. These activities will include indoor and outdoor games, crafts, drama, storytelling, dance and overall fun in native English.

Age 3 to 12 years old

The weekly themes for our summer camp will be the following:

29 June-3 July: Fantasyland

We know that this week imagination is going to get out of hand and we love it! We encourage all our children to come in disguise since we will travel to a fantasy world where we will surround ourselves with fairies, dragons, mermaids, trolls, princess, pirates and superheroes. This week there will be storytelling sessions, plays, music and a lot of fantasy. On June 29th we will open our castle doors to all our little heroes, no matter if they come on foot, flying or on their unicorns. In this world there is no fear, and everything is possible!

6-10 July: TEMS' Got Talent

Howard Gardner revolutionized the world of education with his theory of multiple intelligences, and we could not agree more since we know that behind every child, there is a hidden genius. With this in mind, we will enjoy a very ingenious week in which we will squander creativity and talent. Through stimulating activities such as body expression, painting, sculpture or dancing, our little artists will have the opportunity to shine with their creations. Not to mention those curious talents that every child hides inside and which are certain to leave us with our mouths open.

What a Talent Show we are going to prepare! We have a lot of art running through our veins and we are not afraid to show it!

13-17 July: Aloha Hawaii

At La Casita de Inglés, we already have our passports ready and our rucksack ready for the trip we have been preparing all year . This time, our Summer Camp will transport us to a famous American archipelago where our imagination will face volcanoes and sharks. We will surf on the Waikiki beaches, we will discover the fascinating life of sea turtles and we will prepare a homage to the Hawaiian culture with a Luau, shaking our grassy skirts to the sounds of the ukelele music. Discover this paradise with us!

20-24 July: Harry Potter

What would a Summer Camp be without a little magic? We have sought inspiration from J.K. Rowling’s novels to prepare a week full of fantastic games that will look like they are out of Hogwarts’s own school of magic and sorcery. With activities such as potion making and scientific experiments, our little sorcerers will show us that they do not need a magic wand to leave their audience dumbfounded. The evil Lord Voldemort has nothing to do with such rivals. Ready to fly your brooms? Find the platform nine and three quarters because here we go!

27-31 July: Around the World in 5 Days

According to Jules Verne’s famous novel, Phileas Fogg travelled around the world in 80 days, but we set out to do it in 5! Firstly, our little explorers will set up their own travel agency, where they will learn to advise different means of transport depending on the destination. What an adventure is awaiting us! We will travel around all the continents, discovering different countries and cities. An enriching expedition, in which we will learn about all kinds of flags, cultures, festivities, languages and gastronomies. We can’t wait to see our passports full of stamps!

The activities aimed towards our younger students will be full of music and movement, using rhythm and body language to introduce each week´s vocabulary, as well as simple crafts to boost their creativity.

For our older students, we will challenge their imagination and all kinds of skills with games based on dialog, team work and critical thinking. We will also challenge their curiosity with STEAM activities, science experiments and crafts where they will be able to fully express themselves. 


  • 29th June to 10th July

From 1pm to 4pm – 320€ per two week period and per child Lunch included

  • 13th to 31st July
 Till 1pmTill 4pm
1 Week200315
2 Weeks360490
3 Weeks470660
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis

Information and registration

Marina Molares

Directora de La Casita de Inglés

Tlf: 699 936 373