Summer Camp 2021

28th June – 30th July

From 3 to 12 years – Open to TEMS students and pupils from other schools

The Summer School of The English Montessori School offers an exciting opportunity for 3-12 year-old children to continue their learning experience and practice new skills in a safe environment. 

Each week we will explore a different theme adapted to each age group, with activities that stimulate children creativity for them to learn while having fun. These activities will include indoor and outdoor games, crafts, drama, yoga, music and dance. English only, with a superb native teacher for each group (10 children per group maximum) and two coordinators helping all the time and in a safe environment, as we will continue with all COVID measures taken throughout the academic year.

From 9:00 to 13:00 or 9:00 to 16:00

We will work on the following weekly topics engaging the children through positive reinforcement and motivation, to create a natural stimulus towards language learning and development:

28th June - 2nd July: We Love Our Planet

We open our first week of Summer Camp with a theme that will transport us to the most beautiful landscape we can imagine. During this week, our small explorers will develop a real connection with nature with activities inspired by camping, environmentalism and ecosystems. Mountains, forests, deserts, jungles, glaciers, fauna, etc. There’s a whole world to discover. Have you got your boots ready?

5th - 9th July: Casita Art Gallery

Those who know us well know that we love Art; drawing, painting, sculpture and performing arts. Discovery House breathes creativity as much as oxygen, which is why we wanted to spend a week getting to know our favourite artists whilst implementing some of their techniques. From our side, we are already taking cover because we know that what is coming is… a real creative hurricane!

12th - 16th July: Welcome to Wonderland

This week we encourage all our little ones to come in disguise because we will travel to a fantasy world where anything is possible. Without a doubt, fun is assured, whether learning to fly with Peter Pan, rubbing Aladdin’s lamp, discovering Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, having tea with Alice in her Wonderland or we’ll find out withDorothy what’s on the other side of the rainbow. A week full of magic for them and nostalgia for us.

19th - 23rd July: Cosmic Adventure

This week our young astronauts will take off aboard a spaceship for an adventure that transcends space and time. A surreal week in which we will not only learn about our Solar System but explore new galaxies through the world of science fiction. Planets, moons, stars, asteroids and even aliens. This week fun will take us… to infinity and beyond!

26th -30th July: Sailing the Seven Seas

Our small grumets must now be prepared because in the last week of July ,we will do an intensive course on how to be the best English-level pirate of the seven seas. This week, our pirates will board a ship and venture out, in stern winds at full sail, searching for adventures alongside mermaids and newts to discover the wonderful world of marine wildlife. Will you find the hidden treasure?

The activities aimed towards our younger students will be full of music and movement, using rhythm and body language to introduce each week´s vocabulary, as well as simple crafts to boost their creativity.

For our older students, we will challenge their imagination and all kinds of skills with games based on dialog, team work and critical thinking. We will also challenge their curiosity with STEAM activities, science experiments and crafts where they will be able to fully express themselves. 



 Till 1pmTill 4pm
1 Week180280
2 Weeks320440
3 Weeks420600
4 Weeks520740
5 Weeks650930
  • Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis

Information and registration

T: (+34) 600 567 433