Summer Sports & Smart Camp

Ages 5 to 12
Half Day – 9 A.M to 2 P.M
Full Day – 9 A.M to 4:15 P.M (lunch included)


Tactical and technical futsal sessions put on by Movistar Inter. Daily sessions in English. Specific training for defending the area, as well as drills based on real game situations. There is also an internal tournament. 


In this activity we work on several artistic techniques, including drawing, and working with materials. We try to provide the children with an artistic awareness that they cannot get through other activities. We want them to recognize art as an important part of our culture and our daily lives.


During our summer programmes we try to develop the children’s technological capabilities by building robots and 3D video games. We use the best possible tools (Lego Education) and the teachers we use are experts in this field.


Fun classes learning some modern dance styles which help the children become more artistically creative through body movement and exercise. The children should improve their posture and body language, as well as sharpen their musical coordination.

Ages 3 to 8
Half Day – 9 AM to 1 PM
Full Day – 9 AM to 4:15 PM (lunch included)


Nature Connection

What could be wilder than a child in their first week of holidays? During this week we will be a forest, a savannah, a jungle, a swamp…. we will discuss real animals, as well as mythological and imaginary animals, their habitats, and their habits. We will all become a little bit wild!

Under the Sea

In this second week, we will dive into the sea where we will find not only fish, algae and coral, but also mermaids and, even pirates! A full of adventures week with a focus also on the importance of keeping the ocean clean.

The Seven Arts

This will be a whole week dedicated to these seven artistic disciplines- architecture, sculpture, painting, literature, music, theatre, and cinema. We will turn into our favourite artists by using our imagination and our fabulous collection of costumes. This week, more than any other, ‘La Casita’s Got Talent’.

Back To The Future

Our Summer School will get to an end in a very special way- travelling to the future! How do the young view the future? What kind of world do they expect to find? How do they plan to get there? We will construct a time machine and learn lots of interesting things about space… all in the classic Back to the Future style that we love so much.