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Senior department – 3rd Term News (2017-18)

This term our students enjoyed a trip to Gredos, Mar Menor and Layos Camp. We had a literary competition, a mime workshop, and lots of fundraising activities including a non-uniform day and the design of reusable foldable bags to encourage people not to buy a plastic bag every time they need one. More

Junior department – 3rd Term News (2017-18)

One of the most exciting things the Juniors have done this term was participating in two different charity activities: a special workshop with the Fabretto Foundation and a Book Day celebration to raise money for Save the Children. There were also some sports activities and quite a few trips. More

Infants department – 3rd Term News (2017-18)

The third term has been a whirlwind of activity in the Infant Department. We celebrated San Isidro and Book Day. Year 1 and 2 read to Reception and Nursery. And we had lots of wonderful excursions including the visit to the Botanic Gardens and a farm. More

Senior department – 2nd Term News (2017-18)

Shane and Matt organized a cross-curricular PE and geography African dance with the whole of Year 7. Ruth from infants choreographed and Alex, Paddy and Leo were on djembe drums, while Shane and Leah joined in the dance. Great fun was had by all. More

Junior department – 2nd Term News (2017-18)

The second term has been filled with interesting activities for the Juniors. Year 3 learned more about art by visiting an Andy Warhol exhibition. Year 4 went to El Escorial to consolidate what they learned about in their topic on the 16th century. Year 5 went to the theatre. And Year 6 went to the Museum of Science and Technology for a workshop on electricity. More

Senior department – 1st Term News (2017-18)

When we started a twitter account when we went to London in March, we decided it was a great way to let parents know of some of the things that we do at school so it has been further developed. The messages are also put on our facebook page, so please have a look and like some of our postings! We are proud of our More
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