New Infants building

Purposely built for Infants from 3 to 6 years old.

What makes this new building unique is:

  • Integrated interior and exterior areas
  • Classrooms have been designed with an exterior area that replicates the indoor space
  • Interconnected outdoor classrooms: To facilitate interaction of students of different ages
  • Direct contact with nature: The outdoor areas will be filled in with it.
  • Eco-friendly furniture

Our children present the new Early Years building



“Agradecemos de corazón el apoyo recibido para darle a nuestra hija la confianza en sí misma que necesitaba. Gracias por este gran curso que hemos pasado y todo lo que han aprendido.”


“Muchísimas gracias por este fantástico año escolar en el que has conseguido que nuestra hija haya aprendido disfrutando, así como que haya disfrutado muchísimo aprendiendo contigo.” ​


“Dear Richard, Thank you for your great care, patience and dedication with our kids this year. Or son will never forget you!”

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