The English Montessori School was founded in Madrid in 1973. From age 3 up to age 18 our pupils receive an education that combines the advantages of the British Curriculum and the sensitivity of the Montessori  method. When they graduate, they are prepared to follow the university career of their choice in Spain or in other countries such as, Great Britain or the United States.

Many of our alumni are now prominent professionals in a variety of fields and a great number of them are based in English speaking countries.  Many others reside in Madrid and now bring their own children to our school. They tell us they want their children to enjoy this stage of their lives as much as they enjoyed their learning years and the valuable preparation they will acquire for their future. These testimonials are our greatest reward.

We live in an ever-changing and demanding society. TEMS adapts to these changes while sustaining its basic values: respect, tolerance, quality education and freedom in learning. Through them the highest personal achievement will be gained and will continue throughout their lives.

Choosing a school for your child is a decision of utmost importance. At TEMS we acknowledge the trust placed in us year after year by the parents. Preparing our pupils for the future in all aspects of their lives is a fundamental part of our school.


Sarah Ebery