Advanced Level Examinations (A Levels)

The British Curriculum is a highly personalised programme that allows students to tailor their studies by choosing subjects that best suit their interests.

Advanced Level (A Levels) is a subject-based qualification from the United Kingdom. It is the standard entry qualification for undergraduate programmes by universities worldwide. Studies are now specialised and in much more depth than at (I)GCSE. Entrance to University depends upon attaining good grades at A level together with results already achieved at (I)GCSE.

At this stage, students are required to study a minimum of four A Levels (including Spanish), with very few restrictions on which subjects can be taken. The majority of examinations are taken at the end of Year 13.

Pass grades are awarded from A* to E. For University entrance, good results in 3 subjects are required.

Subjects offered are:





Business Studies

English Literature


Spanish (Year 12)

(Computer Science)