What is Discovery House?

Discovery House is much more than a simple building. It is a unique space, tailored to the needs of children aged between 3 and 6, where they receive outstanding education based on the Montessori method. There, our Nursery and Reception students lay solid foundations in phonics and fine motor skills, as well as developing social and emotional skills.

What makes it special besides its excellent teaching method?

This building is composed of indoor and outdoor spaces, it has interlinked outside areas, the students are in direct contact with nature and it has eco-friendly furniture.

Starting school life in Discovery House has numerous benefits. Applying the Montessori philosophy during the Early Years phase has a major impact on the child’s education, as it encourages them to be self-taught and independent learners, by giving them time to focus and make decisions. Playing in English is the basis of their learning and discovery.

Discovery House is unique because:

  • We respect the progress and individual development of each student: we do not force or pressure the children to learn concepts.
  • We only introduce new subjects when the children are ready to receive that information. The teachers observe them continuously in class, detecting when they have mastered a concept and are ready to proceed to the following stage.
  • The children can move around freely in the classroom: they can choose to work at a table, on the floor, inside or outside of class.
  • The activities are more flexible, allowing the children to work in their preferred area of study, but also encouraging them to learn in the areas that they do not choose, to ensure a well-balanced education.
  • We encourage the children to talk in class through circle time and weekly assemblies, giving them the confidence needed for public speaking and delivering presentations.

Opening Event of Discovery House