Nursery & Reception

Benefits of starting the schooling at TEMS with 3-4 years old

In Nursery and Reception, the first two years in TEMS, we do not only cover the basic needs of the care and entertainment of the child, but we also introduce the principles of school learning with highly qualified teaching professionals:

  • Children build a strong foundation in phonics and fine motor skills, beginning the path to reading and writing.
  • Children form social and emotional building blocks, which are key to their overall development.


Nursery & Reception highlights at TEMS
vs. Spanish Daycare Centers

  • English immersion from an early age is manifested in Year 1 with greater fluency in literacy.
  • Personalized attention in multilevel classes by qualified teachers.
  • A wide range of resources / toys for educational purposes touch different fundamental areas of children’s education.
  • Teaching method endorsed by an educational institution with 40 years of experience.


TEMS British Curriculum vs. the Spanish Curriculum
in Nursery and Reception

  • At TEMS we respect your child´s individual progress and development: we don´t force nor pressure the children to learn concepts.
  • We only introduce new materials when the individual child is ready to receive the information.  As teachers are constantly observing the children in the class, they see when a child masters a concept and is ready to progress to the next stage.
  • Children have freedom of movement in the class; they can opt to work on the table, on the floor, inside the class or outside.
  • Activities are more flexible, allowing the children to work in the areas they prefer, but also encouraging the learning of areas they do not choose, in order to balance their education.
  • We also encourage children to speak in class through circle time and weekly assemblies, which later give them to confidence in public speaking and delivering presentations.


English National Curriculum with the Montessori method

The application of the Montessori philosophy during the early years have a big impact on your child´s education. We teach children to be self-motivated, independent learners giving them the time to concentrate and make choices. Children learn and explore through play in English.

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