Nursery & Reception

Nursery & Reception Aims

Goals for learning for children emphasize early literacy, numeracy and development of personal and social skills, and contribute to childrens’ knowledge, understanding and skills in other areas. They provide foundation for later achievement.

These desirable outcomes fit in well with the English National Cirriculum and with the Montessori system and materials.

The materials which Maria Montessori designed were extraordinary and remain so today, but nowadays the range is wider. Something Maria Montessori wanted to pass on was the idea of keeping the methodology up to date, while maintaining the basic principles.

These principles are:

Creating a prepared environment adapting it to the needs of the group and filling it with abundant, enriching stimuli; isolating difficulties. Teach concepts one by one. Always starting with an acquired concept and little by little increasing the level of difficulty and abstraction, depending on the capacity of each pupil; providing 3-period lessons: (when teaching new concepts):

a. introducing the concept, b. recognition of the concept, c. naming the concept; working in groups or circle time; respecting the maturity of each pupil.

Each child matures differently and the right time to teach a concept must be taken into account; promoting independence, self correction and internal discipline. We should not do things for children if they are capable of doing them for themselves. This way we avoid overprotecting them.

The benefits of this system, in our school, sow the seeds for future adult life. Children begin to become aware, that through their own efforts, they can take their education into their own hands.