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Imagine a place where knowledge and potential intertwine, a space where joy and vitality merge with learning. Without a doubt, this is one of the guiding principles behind the construction of our future Forest School. A project that not only represents a leap forward in our approach to teaching and learning, but also marks a milestone in the development of a vibrant and energetic sporting culture. 

In this blog post, we want to delve into the future sports facilities of our new building. The physical education team has been fully involved in the design of these facilities, ensuring they perfectly cater to the needs of our students and foster a strong sports culture. Just as in the design and layout of other spaces in this building, such as the laboratories, for example, this collaboration between our own sports experts and the architects and designers of the project ensures that each space is optimized for the development of sporting skills, the diversity of disciplines, and the physical wellbeing of our students. 

New spaces to enhance wellbeing and drive sports 

Digital view of the covered sports area outdoors

The sports facilities of the future Forest School are designed to encompass all dimensions of sports and wellbeing. The new building will feature an outdoor space for multiple sports, in which parent representatives of the school have also had a voice. In addition to the basketball court, with a size of 28 m X 15 m, the new building will include a court (with a size of approximately 50 m X 30 m) that our parent representatives propose dividing horizontally to allow for simultaneous use by different classes or cross-play games. This demonstrates our community’s interest in sports. The drainage system in this outdoor area will prevent it from being rendered unusable by rain. Furthermore, there will also be a covered sports area outdoors, providing the opportunity to continue practicing sports and engaging in activities in this space during adverse weather conditions. 

Indoor sports will take place in the multi-purpose space. An indoor hall, with high ceilings and windows on both sides, measuring over 300 m2. This multi-purpose hall, located on the ground floor, will provide access to the covered area outdoors. It will be an activity zone where, thanks to the separation made possible by curtains, different uses can be accommodated simultaneously. Let us provide you with some insights into the design and appearance of this space, which, despite not being directly related to sports, represents the essence, style, and above all, the care applied throughout the project. This multi-purpose hall will feature a combination of natural and industrial style, with ample height that exposes parts of the structure and facilities. The façade of windows will incorporate textile blinds as a solution for solar protection, creating a diffusion of light. 

Inspiration images used by the project team for the interior design of the multipurpose room.

However, undoubtedly one of the most exciting elements of our “Forest School” is the trail that will surround the entire school, spanning a distance of 400 meters. This trail will offer the opportunity for outdoor activities such as walks and runs, promoting contact with nature and an active lifestyle. 

All these spaces will provide a wide range of opportunities for our students to engage in sports activities, both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to this, we will experience a significant improvement compared to our current facilities, primarily in terms of size, as we will have a 30% larger surface area. 

The design of the facilities has also taken into account comfort and accessibility. Aspects such as proper lighting, modern and equipped changing rooms, as well as rest areas have been considered to ensure the wellbeing of students before and after sports practice. 

Sports opportunities through the new facilities

With the implementation of these new sports facilities, Forest School is offering great plans for the future. In addition to providing an optimal environment for the sporting development of our students, we also aim to strengthen the community and foster camaraderie and bonds through sports. 

Just as we do now, organizing sports events will remain part of our plan to connect and establish relationships with other schools. But we don’t forget about our families! Having these wonderful green areas will be the perfect excuse to organize activities and events with our community. Currently, we enjoy sports matches and activities among students and staff. But who’s to say that in the future, these friendly events won’t expand to include our families? This way, we will establish closer ties with families and provide them with the opportunity to participate in and support our talented students, promoting physical activity and a sportsmanship spirit. 

Even in our current location and within our educational project, we affirm that sports are of utmost importance to our students and the community at large. Not only does it promote a healthy and active lifestyle, but it also contributes to the physical, mental, and emotional development of all individuals. Through sports, we want our students to learn valuable lessons about discipline, leadership, resilience, and teamwork. 

Sports also serve as a powerful tool for fostering camaraderie. By participating in sports activities, students come together, form friendships, and learn to collaborate towards a common goal. Furthermore, it promotes respect, inclusion, and tolerance—fundamental values for harmonious coexistence in our community. 

In summary, the future sports facilities of the Forest School are a testament to our commitment to educational excellence and the holistic development of our students. These facilities will provide a conducive space for sports practice, promoting health, wellbeing, and camaraderie. At the same time, these new facilities will open doors to future sports opportunities and strengthen our sports culture within and beyond the school. Sports play a fundamental role in empowering the community and shaping responsible, resilient, and engaged individuals. 

We are excited to share this thrilling new chapter of the Forest School with our educational community, and we look forward to witnessing how our students thrive in this inspiring sports environment! 


Post written in collaboration with TEMS PE Team

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