Proud of our IGCSE students

Exam results

We are delighted with our IGCSE results.

As always results are a mixture of individual success and the overall picture, and the highlights are below. However, before reading them take a moment to think again of the context of these brilliant achievements

  • Both years of their KS4 study were affected by COVID disruptions
  • Their learning has been hybrid including remote lessons and in school increases in technology
  • They have faced real, live exams unlike some of their peers

We are proud of their resilience, their committment, their independence, their confidence and most importantly their continued support of one another. They have worked with their teachers, supported by their families and made the very best of an unbelievably challenging time. #ProudtoBeTEMS

  • Overall Grades 
  1. 57%  A*/A , over half of all grades were at this level
  2. 80% B or higher
  3. 98% C or higher
  • English and Mathematics

Percentage of A*-C passes A*/A in brackets

English First Language 89% (40%), English Literature 95% (67%), Mathematics 100% (61%)

  •  Subject Performance

Subjects with 100% C + French, Geography, History, Mathematics and PE 

Subjects with over 57% of passes at A*/A English Literature, Mathematics, Science Double Award, French, History and ICT.

  • Individual success

Almost a third of all pupils at 27.4 % achieved 8 or more A*/A grades

More than half of all pupils at 58% achieved 5 or more A*/A grades

Almost three quarters of pupils at 74% achieved 8+ grades (A* – C) including English and Maths, given that only 5 such grades are required to progress to Sixth Form.

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