Animal Project Week


Our infants animal project was a huge success!

There have been a whole range of activities taking place across the department including children researching their favourite animals and delivering their presentations to the class.

  • Children came up with their own questions and worked together to find out the answers.
  • Some children have been learning about fish and turtles and how to protect our oceans. They made large scale sea creatures using recycled bottle tops. 17 different species of penguins have been drawn to scale, painted and will decorate the infant dining room allowing children to compare their height to each of the penguins!
  • Children have created 3d habitats, 3d animals from junk materials and animal masks. In maths they have been sorting animals, creating tally charts and measuring animals.
  • Children have brought their pets in to share with their friends and Reception children visited Kuna Iberica where they saw lots of animals and ate their picnics.
  • Animals, glue, paint, children! It has been fun! A big thank you to our amazing infant team for making this week so magical!

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Informative sessions