How to try and be more patient


Working on ourselves as adults is a challenge. Being more patient as parents is something that is on everyone’s list, and when we have plenty of time it is easier to achieve. But it can often be the case that we do not have as much time, that we are tired or that work is being too demanding on us. Lots of times our expectations are wrong, they are adult expectations are therefore we become impatient with our children.

It is not about being hard on ourselves, here are some questions you can ask yourself that will help you work on what will make the biggest difference. Remember when the child is having a tantrum or not listening to instructions, they are not giving you a hard time on purpose; they are having a hard time and this is how they can show it.

Here are some questions:

Do you have clear limits at home?
Do you observe the situation objectively? Ask yourself what happened before the behaviour changed?
Can you teach your child skills that will help you save time? For example if your child can brush their own hair it will save time in the morning, if your child can put on their own coat it will save time when it is time to leave the house.
Can you take a step back and observe before intervening? You will be surprised with the outcome.
Can my expectations be more age-appropriate?

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