Infants department – 1st Term News (2018-19)

The first term in our new building, Discovery House is drawing to a close and as we look back over the term we are proud of all that we have achieved. The children settled quickly into their new environment and it really does feel like home now.

The term has been fun-filled and eventful with special days such as Diversity Day, Children´s Day and Pirate Day. The children in Reception have enjoyed several local walks to the park, learning about road safety and observing their special tree change from summer to Autumn and then Winter. Year 1 visited ‘El Museo de Las Americas´ as part of their topic ´Land Ahoy´ and Christopher Columbus and Year 2 had a great time at Faunia!

During these final weeks the children are busy preparing for Christmas. Discovery House is filled with singing as the children practise their songs for their concert for parents. They are decorating school and getting excited for Santa´s visit. We have lots of wonderful things to tell him!