Bachillerato department – 1st Term News (2018-19)


During this first part of the academic year, the Bachillerato (Year 12 & 13) pupils have engaged in various cultural activities and have attended talks given by professionals and at universities.  Also, this year they have started participation in a solidary event where 17 of our Y13 pupils are volunteering at the Young & Solidary organization.

Year 13 pupils got together with their schoolmates from Years 10 and 11 to give them a view of what the daily routine is like in Bachillerato.  They told them about how their classmates, after following the Bachillerato programme, are now applying to universities abroad.  The Y11 pupils were able to ask questions about any concerns they had before deciding the path they will follow as they move up.

As an innovative task, Y13 are working on two projects in their Industrial Technology class:  development of a water rocket in order to participate in the Regional Tournament at which we won last year, and the second is a project which comes under the category of Digital Transformation of Education, and it is a steerable camera that can be controlled through internet.

Y12 pupils have participated in the following cultural visits: Congreso de los Diputados; Instituto de Estudios Bursátiles (Marketing Institute) and the EFE Agency (Spanish Press) where they were able to experience for a day the editing and broadcasting of a news item.  They have also attended formative sessions at the British Universities Fair.  On site they have had talks from the following:  IE and Carlos III University (faculty and students from Economics, International Relations and Engineering careers).  In addition, the mother of our pupil Elena Canal has kindly offered them a talk from her perspective as a lawyer, from which they have gained insight into the present Spanish mortgage law.

During the last part of the term, Bachillerato pupils have attended a briefing delivered by Talento y Deporte (a company that provides guidance for the obtainment of scholarships for studying in the US), and just before starting Christmas holidays, they will have talks on Road Safety and Alcohol consumption.