Junior department – 3rd Term News (2017-18)

Junior Department TEMS Sports Day
Another school year is drawing to a close, and in the Junior Department, the third term has been full of interest.

One of the most exciting things the Juniors have done this term was participating in two different charity activities:

  • On April 17th, Year 6 volunteers participated in a special workshop with the Fabretto Foundation, in which professional artists came to school.  They worked with the students to make illustrations for children’s stories, which they later presented to the entire year group.  In total, the activity raised €480 for Fabretto.
  • On April 23rd the Juniors celebrated Book Day.  Students came to school dressed as their favourite book character and participated in a variety of activities.  One activity was to make sponsored bookmarks with their Spanish teachers to raise money for Save the Children. The activity was a huge success, raising a total of €1877.86.  Thank you to everyone involved in both charity activities!

There were also some sports activities in Juniors this term:

  • The inter-school Athletics competition was held on May 23rd for years 4, 5 and 6
  • The entire Department participated in Sports Day on June 19th with relay races, triball and kabbadi competitions.

Both days were a huge success.

Finally, there were quite a few trips for the Juniors this term:

Year 3 went to Carranque on June 1st to see Roman ruins and have a try at making mosaics.

Year 4 went to the Science Museum May 29th and had a great time with all the interactive activities.

Year 5 spent the day at Faunia June 18th to see the habitats they had studied in their Ecosystems topic.

Year 6 went to Little Big Kids May 29th, where they made print, radio and television advertisements in a communications workshop.

Years 3 and 6 went on the traditional farm trip June 4th, 5th and 6th, where they cared for the animals, had fun on a zip line and learned how to make chorizos.

On behalf of the Juniors, I wish everyone a wonderful summer holiday and see you in September.

Cynthia Davies

Head of Juniors

Informative sessions

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