Junior department – 1st Term News (2017-18)


The first term is winding down and there have been lots of exciting activities in the Junior Department including excursions, assemblies, sports tournaments, charity events and an Extra Activity Day.

Year 3 went to the theatre to see the play Pinochio on November 20thYear 4 went to the Planetarium December 5th after finishing their Earth and Space topic.  Year 5 saw the play Mi Mundo Limpio on September 26th to learn about caring for the environment.  They also went to the Archaeological Museum November 29th to see the Pre-history and Egyptian rooms.  Finally, Year 6 went to the Africa Museum November 13th after finishing their topic on Africa.

On December 14th Years 3 and 4 celebrated an Extra Activity Day dedicated to famous inventors and scientists.  They learned about Thomas Edison, Leonardo da Vinci and Alexander Graham Bell; they learned about Marie Curie’s work on radioactivity and made “x-rays”; they made miniature telescopes after learning about Galileo; they played spatial awareness games after learning about May-Britt Moser and her research into neuroplasticity; they practiced reading the Braille alphabet invented by Louis Braille; they learned about the astronomer Caroline Herschel and took a tour of the universe through the interactive whiteboard; and most fun of all, they watched Graham’s hair stand on end while he used a Van de Graaff generator after learning about Nikola Tesla’s contributions to the study of electricity.  The students learned a lot and both students and teachers had a wonderful time!

There were two sports tournaments for the Juniors this term.  Year 6 went with Year 7 to a tag rugby competition on November 7th, and to a football tournament on December 11th.  Everyone enjoyed the competitions and did very well.

Also, Year 6 Rebecca and Year 6 Christopher performed an assembly for their parents on December 1st.  Year 6 Rebecca taught us about electricity while Year 6 Christopher took us travelling around the world.  Both classes did a fantastic job!

Finally, the Junior Department held their traditional Christmas card sale for charity at the end of term, with all proceeds benefitting Unicef.  The money raised is still being counted, but as usual everyone was very generous to help those in need.  Thank you!

On behalf of everyone in the Junior Department, I wish you all Happy Holidays.

Cynthia Davies
Head of Juniors







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