Infants department – 1st Term News (2017-18)

Infants_Reception posted christmas cards to their parents

Our first term in Infants has been a fun-filled one. With such great weather the children have enjoyed lots of outdoor learning opportunities from local walks, tree studies and bark rubbings to mathematics.

I would like to give our nursery children a special mention for settling so well into Montessori life. It is a pleasure to visit their classrooms and see them all working so hard and playing happily with their new friends in the garden. Well done Nursery!

Our Reception teachers have now presented lots of new Montessori material to the children. They are working well and developing important skills daily. The have been learning about autumn and seasonal changes. They visited the local park and noticed how their special trees changes throughout the seasons.


Year 1 have learnt so much through their topic ´Pirates´ this term. They have developed geographical skills and vocabulary, making maps and following them, learning about the continents, their names and where they are. They have learnt about famous pirates and Christopher Columbus in history and have enjoyed carrying out experiments in science. Of course, Pirate day was a huge success and the children had the chance to work with different children and teachers.

Year 2, our oldest children in Infants, visited Faunia this term as part of their topic ´Living things´. We were extremely proud of their intelligent questions and superb behavior commented on by the Faunia guides.

As Christmas approaches the children have been preparing their carol performances for parents. School has been filled with music and singing. As is tradition, the children performed for each other in our end of term carol concert with Eric. Santa also came to visit the children and we celebrated the end of a wonderful term and lots of hard work with a Christmas party! The children enjoyed party games, dancing and of course the party food!